X5 Preamp / Signal Processor

Performance Series

The X5 is our most affordable preamp, but do not let the price fool you. The X5 is the exact same circuit as the individual channel strips in our Master's Series Preamps. The X5 has the exact same eq, buffer, and gain that we use in the X10. It also uses the exact same switches, jacks, and components. And since the X5 is not limited by phantom power, it has an upgraded IC inside with a faster slew rate for super fast and tight low end. The X5 is just about as close as you can get to the perfect theoretical model of a straight wire with gain.

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  • 1 Meg Or 11 Meg Ohm Selectable Input Impedance
  • Ultra-low Output Impedance
  • Two Band Subtractive Shelving Eq
  • Tuner Mute Foot Switch
  • 9V Battery included
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment
  • High Visibility LED Backlighting

  • Unbalanced 1/4" Line Level Output
  • Unbalanced 1/4" Instrument Input
  • Volume Control
  • 0-21dB Available Clean Gain
  • Ultra-High Headroom V2 Power Supply
  • 18V capability (*see notes below)
  • DC Jack For optional AC Adapter

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Comprehensive Users Manual

English version in PDF format for easy online viewing and printing.

Download Here:
X5 Manual

Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2"
(113 x 63 x 51 mm)

Weight: 9.7 Oz

Technical Specifications

Input Impedance: 1Meg ohm or 11Meg ohm (Selectable)
Output Impedance: < 4.7K ohms (referenced to ground)
Gain: 0-21dB adjustable externally
Typical Max Output Voltage: -10 dB (.316V) Unbalanced

Power Consumption: 3.38mA
Battery Life: 172 hours using alkaline batteries

Equalization: 2 Band Subtractive Shelving
Bass: -24dB to 0dB 125Hz
Treble: -24dB to 0dB 5KHz

* NOTE For maximum headroom before clipping, the X5 can be powered with 12 or 18 volt supplies.
Always disconnect the internal 9v battery before using a higher voltage supply.

Two Videos from our friend and custom guitar builder Janne.
He is playing his custom guitars through an X5 into a TC Electronic VoiceLive3.
The first video is with JJB Transducers and the second is with an Elevation System

The X5 has been quite a hit with the TC Electronic VoiceLive user community. The optional piggyback adapter allows you to share the VoiceLive's 12V power supply. The X5 is a great signal processor for guitars and acoustic instruments that are daisy chained with other effects or devices.

Optional accessories ship free with preamp purchase!

Dunlop 9V 120V AC adapter

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  • Direct Price | $13.95
On Order | Available Feb 14th

Piggyback DC Adapter

  • List Price | $14.97
  • Direct Price | $7.95
On Order | Available Feb 10th