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Customer service is a cornerstone of our business, we want you to know that if a problem should arise, we will be there to quickly to make it right. Here are the details of our Five Year Warranty, in writing.

Five (5) Year Standard Non-Transferable Limited Warranty (“Limited Warranty”) To the original purchaser of Archangel Electronics AP and X series preamps and signal processors, purchased after January 1st 2013.

What Does Your Warranty Cover? Archangel Electronics LLC (“Archangel”) warrants that the Archangel branded product you purchased for your end use (“Product”) is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period.

How Long Does This Warranty Last? Five (5) years after the date of your purchase (“Limited Warranty Period”).

What Will Archangel Do? If the Product fails to work as warranted, Archangel will, in it's sole discretion, repair or replace the Product or part with a new product/part that is at least equivalent to the original Product/part.
This is your sole and exclusive remedy for breach of warranty.

Replacement parts or products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for thirty (30) days or for the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period, whichever is longer.

What Are Your Obligations? You must retain proof of purchase showing price, date, location of purchase and Product description which may be required for warranty service.

If you authorize Archangel to perform any services excluded under this Limited Warranty, you will pay standard repair fees for such work.

What Does this Warranty Not Cover? On-site service/repair, or service made necessary by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper installation/maintenance, modifications, fire, theft, acts of God, power failures, surges or electric shortages, lightning, or repairs by non-Archangel authorized service providers, use outside of the environmental or operating parameters, or use with incompatible third party products. Service of Product on which the Archangel label or logo, or serial number have been defaced or removed. Preventive maintenance, cosmetic damage or wear and tear (e.g., scratches, dents, replacement of missing parts, repair or replacement of covers, screws, knobs, labels, or appearance parts such as interior or exterior finishes or trim, or batteries. Third party accessories not manufactured by Archangel, e.g., AC adapters, cases, cables, or tuners are not covered by this Warranty, however they may be covered under a seperate warranty provided by their respective manufacturers.

To obtain Warranty Service:
Contact Archangel and request a RA (Return Authorization Number)

You will be responsible for shipping and for securely packaging the product,
as we are not responsible for damages incurred during shipping, or for the initial return shipping charges.

If you Archangel Product is not repairable it may be replaced, at our sole discretion, with a comparable and current product.