From just a few of the emails we get:

It is unbelievably clear,
almost like going through a quality studio mic

The clarity is incredible. I am so happy I am not getting the usual
nasal squish that comes from most acoustic preamps!!

I hooked up a nice rosewood acoustic with a sunrise pickup.
Sounded phenomenal!

wow!!!! it sounds incredible
going into the Atomic amps CLR.

It is crystal clear and very sharp and articulate.
My sound fits in the mix soooo much better now.

It works perfectly, plenty of volume and finally
I have a very good sound from my martin d28.

I'm really enjoying it! Everyone's been asking me about it at shows
since I've been using it. Thank you so much!!

Hey also I wanted to tell you I had my son use my X7 with his
electric upright bass, and it went from average sounding before the X7
to sounding as good as any bass tone as I've ever heard with the X7.
May have to order another X5 sometime for his pedalboard.

I really love the way it helps me shape the sound
for live and recording use.

I have been using the X7 with my new Collings MF O mandolin for only about a week now.
I installed a JJB transducer setup in it and at band practice last weekend and everyone FREAKED OUT!
The thing sounds like a bell, that is the only way I know how to describe it.

I am extremely pleased with the unit.
I play classical mandolin and need a very clean sound and it is no problem getting what I want.

These preamps are amazing!

The preamp made my $500 GS Mini sound better than any $3000 dollar Taylor on the market.
I am extremely impressed. This has become the piece of equipment that will go with me everywhere and I can't live without.

I have been very pleased with your product and have actually purchased another one
has a gift for a fiddle player friend of mine. I have found that these preamps blend very well with acoustic instruments.
I believe you are producing one of the finest products out there

X7 rockin' the mandolin in the studio this weekend!
The engineer said it was the best sounding mandolin preamp he has ever heard.
You could not tell the difference from the microphone.