The fusion of technology and tone

Generation 7 continues our long tradition of building preamps and processors that are transparent and revealing enough to be used specifically with acoustic instruments. It is not enough to faithfully capture the string separation and complex harmonic structure of the instrument, but to also eliminate the hiss that is present in most every other design on the market.

Archangel Preamps deliver uncolored natural tone from a varity of sensor types. They are compatible with magnetic, piezo, and mic systems and include dual and single channel input designs for ultimate connectivity. An interesting aspect of our unique core circuit design is the ability to produce the natural tone of a large condenser mic, using conventional soundboard transducer pickups. Say goodbye to quack and hiss forever!

FlawlessPerfect Tone

The Generation 7 models all feature near noiseless circuitry. The ultra-high headroom power supply means super low distortion. Every model is made by hand from premium full size components, because technology should never get in the way of your tone.


InspiringModern Designs

We have implemented many improvements like effects loops, DC jacks on every model, high contrast black knobs with translucent lenses for backlighting, much brighter illumination, and more. You will see and hear the difference from across the room.

You asked and we not only listened, we delivered. The features below represent changes our customers have asked for in the way we approach the human interface of our designs. We also made a few upgrades of our own.


Thumbscrew Rubber Feet

For X7 Battery Access


Backlit Knobs

With Acrylic Lenses


Mod Switches

Are External Push Button Type


Jacks Flipped

Right Side Input For Pedalboards


New Laser Etched Black Powder Coat

Rugged Optional Finish


DC Jacks

On Every Model


Battery Compartments

On Many Models


Higher Visibility LED

Status Indication


High Contrast Aluminum Knobs

With Indicators

Generation 7 Design Changes

  • High contrast black knobs with indicators
  • Flipped input jack orientation for pedalboards
  • Even more LED visibility for dark stages
  • Dc jacks on every model for wall power adapters
  • Effects loops on several models
  • Dual input models for multi-source systems
  • New all black powder coating option with laser etched graphics
  • Wood top option now has aggressive PS adhesive to eliminate peeling
  • New translucent light lenses for backlighting seal the enclosure
  • Mic bias voltage on our dual input models
  • More comprehensive EQ options of up to 9 bands
  • Natural soundig noiseless notch filter tuned to musical notes
  • Stacked dual circuit boards allow pots to bolt through the top
  • Battery compartments on Performance Series and Master's Series
  • Thumbscrew battery access on Pro Series Models
  • External Push Button configuration switches
  • Externally adjustable gain control
  • Aux out is now pre or post eq selectable

  • *Some features are model specific and may not be available on all models

Continued features

From previous generations

  • Clean Buffered Gain

  • Adjustable 0 to 21 dB of transparent gain

  • High Headroom Power Supplies

  • Distortion free even with hot active pickup systems

  • Acoustic focused designs

  • For natural and transparent tone

  • Backlit knobs

  • Multiple LEDs indicate system status

  • Heavy duty switches and jacks

  • For years of faithful service.

  • Selectable input impedances

  • Of 1 Meg or 11 Meg Ohm.

  • Unique equalizer designs

  • Including Isometric, Subtractive, and Notch EQs

  • Comprehensive I/O

  • For multiple interfacing options

  • Exclusive Mod Switches

  • For circuit customization


    X5 Performance Series Preamp

    Now Available!


    X9 Master's Series Preamp

    In Pre-production | Available soon


    X6 Pre/DI

    Coming Spring 2015


    X10 Master's Series Preamp

    In Pre-production | Available soon


    X7 Professional Series Preamp

    Now Available!


    AD2020 Signature Series Preamp

    In Pre-production | Available soon